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Thank you for your interest in the Schlumberger Cycling Club! We offer supported training rides year round to our members. We have members of all ages and cycling abilities. We welcome all cyclists, Schlumberger Employee or not.

Membership Benefits
– Organized and fully supported rides every Saturday from January – April; monthly rides from June – December. Rides typically have 3 different route lengths from about 25 miles to about 60 miles. The start location for each ride changes each week, but generally we ride west, northwest, and north of Houston
– Early season coaches to assist new members on the ride. Also, we offer No-Drop groups for the first couple months of the season.
– Rest stops on every ride with plenty of drinks and snacks to help keep you going
– Port-a-Potties for your convenience
– Support and Gear (SAG) drivers out on the route to assist members as needed
– Detailed maps to keep you from getting lost
– Two campouts a year (campsites paid for by the club)
– Safety Classes for new members and refresher classes every 3 years for returning members
– Free bike clothing just for volunteering with the club
– MS150 support including luxury tent accommodations in La Grange, transportation for your luggage, bike storage, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast and after-ride meal, camaraderie, team tents with chairs on both days for lunch, and a team tent in Austin
– Good friends and great times!
– A variety of social events

Volunteer Only? – We love our volunteers! You can sign up via the registration link below and choose the “volunteer” option. It is free to volunteer with the club!

Thank you for your interest in joining Schlumberger Cycling Club!

You're on your way to an exciting world of road cycling. You will make many new cycling friends and get all the assistance you need to train for the BP MS150, if that is your intention. Prior to completing this registration, we ask that you please read through our club's welcome packet, as it covers important aspects of our club and answers many of the questions that you may have as a prospective member. It also explains the expectations that we have of all members.

Schlumberger Cycling Club (SCC) membership comprises Schlumberger employees and their family members, guests and other associates who engage in cycling. No Schlumberger company, and no officer, director, agent or other representative of Schlumberger organizes, sponsors, guarantees or otherwise supports SCC or its related events and activities. All persons who participate in SCC and related events do so at their own risk. SCC rules include:

  • Riders are required to wear approved helmets during all cycling activities and follow all laws that apply to cyclists.
  • Riders who take prescription medication or have any medical condition for which exercise could pose a health risk must not participate without first getting the approval of their physician.
  • Riders must sign in at the beginning and at the end of each ride.
  • A completed and current Liability Waiver for each rider must be on file with SCC prior to participation in any riding activities.
  • Complete club bylaws are available here. By registering as a member, you agree to comply with all regulations of this document.

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Individual Family Volunteer

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    Please provide your car's license plate number so that we can ensure all cars belonging to SCC members have left the parking lot after a ride concludes. Ride sign-out sheets and a visual check of the cars still in the lot assist club officers with determining who is still riding. This also allows us to continue good stewardship of the start locations we use and ensures we don't shut down a ride while you are still riding on the route. We appreciate your cooperation.

  • So that we can plan our clothing purchases for the year, please tell us your jersey and shorts sizes. Jerseys are a standard club cut. Mens' jerseys have an elastic waist and womens' do not. Shorts are also gender-specific. You aren't committed to these sizing choices. They are strictly to help us estimate our order needs.

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Please provide at least one email address and your mobile phone. SCC utilizes email and automated texting for club updates and announcements.

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Family members will receive an email from with their log-in information. Family members MUST log-in to their own account and update their profile information

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By virtue of completing this registration, I understand and agree that regarding my participation in any activities of Schlumberger Cycling Club (SCC):

  • Schlumberger does not organize, sponsor, guarantee or otherwise support the activities of SCC, and shall not be in any way responsible or liable regarding club events and related activities.
  • I agree to abide by all club rules, requirements and regulations.
  • My participation in SCC and related events and activities is at my own risk.
  • I am solely responsible and liable for my health, safety, well-being and maintenance and security of my property.
  • I, for myself and my heirs, release and hold harmless Schlumberger, Schlumberger Cycling Club and all of its representatives, officers, directors, employees and agents associated therewith from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses and causes of action of any nature, including claims of bodily injury and / or death, even if caused or contributed to, solely or in part, by the negligence of Schlumberger or Schlumberger Cycling Club, arising out of or associated with my participation in any activities related to Schlumberger Cycling Club.
I agree to the SCC Liability Release

You're almost a Member of Schlumberger Cycling Club!

Click below to complete the creation of your account on You will be able to pay your dues online on the next page. To begin participating in club activities, you must pay your dues ($130 for a single membership or $240 for a family). If your intention is to sign up for a family membership (which can include you and two other immediately family members, for a total of three allowed per family membership), each rider needs his / her own account since this controls ride registrations, volunteer points and earned incentives. Family members you entered during Step 2 will receive an automated email with a username and password as soon as you finish creation of this main account.

Your membership is valid through the end of our season (August 31).

We look forward to seeing you at an SCC ride or event soon!