Schlumberger Cycling Club is an employee, employee family and friends cycling club. Our members are expected to share a commitment to safe and courteous cycling, fundraising for the MS150, enjoyment of the sport and volunteering to support club activities. We welcome members who share our passion for riding to join our great club. To help new members and anyone consideration membership with us, here are some Frequently Asked Questions that should help you get started in the club.


  • How do I sign up for a ride?
    Click on the Ride/Event Calendar and then click on the date of the ride. At the bottom of the ride page, you will see a tab labeled “Participants.” Check the “Member” box, and your information will auto-fill. Click on the drop-down box to choose a route length. Submit your ride registration by clicking the “Participate” button. If you are part of a family membership, you can also check the “Family Member1” or “Family Member2” boxes, and your family member’s information will auto-fill. Choose the route length and click the green “Participate” button to add members. (This only works if you are the “parent” family member.)
  • How do I un-register for a ride I signed up for?
    There are two ways to un-register for a ride. 1. Visit your My Membership page > scroll to the “My Ride Summary” section > click the “Unregister” button next to the upcoming ride. -OR- 2. Go to the ride event page > scroll to the bottom > on the “Participants” tab, click the “Unregister” button next to your name.
  • I signed up for the wrong mileage on an upcoming ride. How do I change that?
    Follow the instructions in the previous question to unregister from the ride. Then, re-register for the ride selecting the new mileage of your choice.
  • Do I need to wait until January to become a member since it is an annual membership (Jan – Dec)?
    Our season year is September 1 to August 31. Our deadline for membership is December.


  • What do I bring on a ride?
    Bike – a bike shop can help you with service if you haven’t maintained yours in a while
    Helmet – REQUIRED: you cannot participate without this
    ID – driver’s license
    Health insurance card
    Credit card and $10 – $20 cash
    Cell phone
    Tubes and tools to fix flats
    Pump or CO2 to inflate tubes
    Water bottles and / or hydration pack with water, electrolyte, sports drink
    Snacks of your choice (in case you miss a rest stop or create one of your own)
    An open attitude and a willingness to learn!
  • What do I wear on a ride?
    Helmet – REQUIRED: you cannot participate without this
    Sunglasses / eye protection
    Padded cycling shorts – cycling’s little secret: no underwear between you and your cycling shorts
    Cycling jersey – offers storage pockets for all the gear you need to carry
    Cycling shoes – optional, you can work up to these during a season
    Appropriate clothing for the weather (hot, cold, rain, shine)
    During winter, you may need or want: leg warmers or tights, shoe covers or toe covers, a warm but breathable bike jacket, ear covers or balaclava, long-fingered gloves
    Layering is an effective way to kit up: your base should be a wicking fabric (poly or wool, not cotton)
  • Where are the training rides? Only out west? Do they progressively increase in difficulty – start at low/no hills then progress to higher miles/hills?
    We ride all over. Mostly west (beginning in Katy & Fulshear and as far as Bastrop), but also some north (New Waverly) and south (Missouri City). We start flat and shorter and progressively add distance and hills through the season.
  • Do training rides have varying distances or staggered start times by average speed?
    We provide three route options on most rides, Short (20-35 mi), Medium (30-45 mi) and Long (45-60 mi). Our rides begin with riders leaving the start by average speed, and all riders roll out within about five minutes. We begin roll out at 8:00am when we ride from January – April.
  • How do I find the ride map?
    Go to the ride event page. On the right side under “Downloads,” you will have access to PDF and GPX files to download. Usually our maps are updated by Thursday before the ride. Make sure you have the right PDF map and GPX files! Check the date on the PDF map in the SAG driver info box before printing and bringing it to the ride.
  • How do I find the ride start location?
    The bottom of the ride event page includes the name and address of the start location. Also, the ride map available in the “Downloads” section on the ride event page has driving directions to the ride start.
  • When do I need to sign up for the ride?
    Please register for a ride by 3pm the Friday before the ride. This will ensure that we purchase enough food for everyone coming to the ride.


  • Is there SAG support? Do you provide a phone number and do they roam the cycling course?
    We typically have three SAG drivers on each training ride on the routes. Our route maps for each ride have the cell phone numbers for each SAG driver.
  • Will there be a place to use the restroom on the ride?
    Yes, usually two to three of our rest stops will have a port-a-potty on location. Also, usually there will be restroom facilities or a port-a-potty at the ride start. However, during the summer, please plan to stop at a gas station on the way to the ride start just in case there is no facility for you.
  • What is the average distance between rest stops on the training rides?
    About 15-20 miles between rest stops.
  • What is typically available at a rest stop?
    We provide water, Gatorade, fruit (bananas, oranges), trail mix, granola bars, cookies, chocolate bars, etc. Our rest stops do not have tents set up at the locations.
  • Are the training rides coordinated with or supported by local law enforcement, like police officers standing at busy intersections to help cross intersections?
    We coordinate our ride routes with local law enforcement. We typically do not have law enforcement officers on our rides because most of our ride groups are small enough not to need them. Routes are predominantly back roads and structured to minimize or avoid turns at busy or dangerous intersections.
  • How are medical emergencies handled?
    Our SAG drivers carry first aid kits for minor injuries. In the event of a serious injury, our riders and SAG drivers know to call 911 for EMS. Our SAG drivers also carry information for your preferred emergency contact, and we will contact that person as soon as we call 911 on your behalf.


  • Where do I see my ride mileage?
    Visit your My Membership page and look under “My Ride Summary.” Wait until the Monday after the ride to see your list of confirmed rides and ride mileage. Our officers are volunteers, and we need some time to confirm your ride route.
  • Who do I contact if something is not correct on My Ride Summary?
    Contact our historian with questions or concerns about your ride history information.