Incentives & Earning Club Clothing

Club members may earn the following items through the incentives listed below. Our Clothing Coordinator will communicate the distribution plan for clothing. Note that there are multiple ways to reach each Incentive Level (A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H). Each corresponding item of clothing associated with each Incentive Level can only be earned once.

To view your earned incentives, visit your My Membership page.

You must be a paid SCC member and have a completed Group Riding Skills class in the past three years to earn clothing. All incentives must be earned and claimed by the end of the season (August 31).

To ride in the MS150, you must fulfill the requirements below:

  1. Be an SCC member with dues paid in full
  2. Have completed a Group Riding Skills class in the past three years
  3. Have earned a minimum of 1 volunteer point


Earn the following items by Riding/Training (requires fulfilling
requirements 1 and 2 as listed on the left)

  1. Participate in 5 SCC training rides – Multitool AND SCC old clothing of your choice (Level B)
  2. Participate in 12 SCC training rides – SCC tshirt (Level D)

Earn the following items by Fundraising (requires fulfilling
requirements 1 and 2 above)

  1. Raise $600 in donations – SCC jersey (Level A)
  2. Raise $1700 in donations – SCC  Cycling Shorts (Level C)
  3. Raise $2000 in donations – SCC tshirt (Level D)
  4. Raise $2500 in donations – Gift Card – TBD (Level E)


Earn the following items by Volunteering and earning points**
(requires fulfilling requirements 1 and 2 above)

  1. Earn 2 points – SCC Cycling Jersey (Level A)
  2. Earn 4 points – Multitool and SCC old clothing item (Level B)
  3. Earn 7 points – SCC Cycling Shorts (Level C)
  4. Earn 10 points – SCC tshirt (Level D)
  5. Earn 14 points – Gift Card TBD(Level E)
  6. Earn 20 points – SCC Premium Item – TBD (Level F)
  • *  Old inventory items limited to stock on-hand
  • **  Earned points are cumulative for the season, Sept. 1 – Aug. 31

Some clothing items may have limited quantities in certain sizes. There is no guarantee an item will be available in the size you want. Once an item is out of stock, we may not re-order.